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Trust us, you won’t believe what you see!

We have one patient who was born with a hereditary disease that prevented enamel from forming on her teeth. Because of this disease her teeth were small, brittle and susceptible to decay and breakage. She had suffered through years of having teeth extracted instead of restored. At the age of 28 she looked 12 and could only eat soft foods because she had no upper molars with which to chew. She never smiled and lived in fear of breaking more teeth. Now, with a bridge on her front teeth, upper and lower partial dentures and crowns that are still in process on her lower plate, not only can she smile but she can chew food for the first time in a decade!
Here we have a patient that has congenitally missing upper lateral teeth – they simply never formed. This patient has an existing partial denture but look at the difference bonding veneers can make!
Here was a sad case. At 27 years old this poor woman had lived a hard life and her teeth showed it. Another case of never opening her mouth. She could hardly eat anything, lived in pain and covered her mouth with her hands whenever she spoke. But after extractions, fillings and upper and lower partial dentures this patient can eat, smile and talk again. Partial dentures allowed this young lady to retain her existing healthy teeth and her dignity – she did not want to wear full dentures at such a young age.