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Family Dentist Columbus | Special Offers

We know your New Year’s resolution list doesn’t include going to the family dentist, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be one of your 2018 priorities! You can show your family just how important self-care is by scheduling one of our special family dentist appointment packages. The choices you make this year will impact you years down the road, so why not put more priority on what’s going to keep you healthy and glowing long-term?

Check […]

What Age Do I Schedule My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

It’s hard to know when to take your child to their first dental appointment. You want to be prepared and responsible, but you also don’t want to jump on the fast track of being a helicopter parent.

Why It’s An Important Decision…

Tooth decay is a prevalent problem in the lives of children.

“‘Far too many children suffer far too much dental disease, and it is overwhelmingly preventable,’ says Burton L. Edelstein, D.D.S., founding director […]

What to Do When Kids Hate the Dentist

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare when their kids hate the dentist. What can you do? They need their teeth cleaned, but obviously you don’t have the energy to deal with your kid crying into the carpet, arms going limp as you hoist them off the floor. In their defense, the dentist can be scary. No one really prods around in their mouth all the time or has such bright and scary alien equipment. BUT, there’s […]

Why Flossing Isn’t Negotiable

Your mom always said it, and you always ignored it: “Did you floss?”

What you heard was: “Are you sliding a weirdly smooth and tiny piece of string between your teeth while it cuts off the circulation in your fingers?”

What you didn’t hear was: “Are you eliminating the risk of major oral and overall health problems when you get older?”

You probably wouldn’t have cared either way, but isn’t the second question interesting? When you breathe, eat, […]

What To Do About A Chipped Tooth

You’re sitting down to watch a movie with your family when… CRUNCH. You bite down on a kernel of popcorn. The only words that pop into your brain that instant are “uh-oh”. It’s probably nothing, right? Wrong. You go to the bathroom and check to find your Jurassic Park movie night has just been interrupted by a chipped tooth. The worst part? It’s close to the front of your mouth, which means smiling just isn’t […]

Amalgam vs. Composite Fillings

What’s The Difference Between Amalgam & Composite?

To put it plainly, amalgams and composites are just two different types of fillings. Amalgams are known as “silver” fillings, while composites are natural tooth-colored fillings.


Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam “silver” fillings used to be the standard choice for all fillings. Made of silver, tin, copper, and mercury (which is necessary to bind the compound), amalgams are strong and long-lasting, though the least aesthetically pleasing of your filling options.


Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are […]

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