DenturesDr. Timothy Moore DDS is able to do a reappearing act and give you the smile you thought you lost!

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and the surrounding tissue and supply a great end result. There are two types of dentures, complete and partial, and both are a great solution for someone who has lost all their teeth or just a few.

About Dentures & Partial Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete, or full dentures are an option for those who have lost all of their teeth. If you have any remaining teeth that cannot be used for partial dentures, they will be removed, and an acrylic, flesh-colored base will be custom-fitted over your gums. In some cases, your gums must heal fully from tooth extraction before dentals can be placed, so you may have to return to have them realigned and adjusted.

Partial Dentures

As opposed to replacing all of your teeth, partial dentures are used when you still have some of your original teeth left. They fill in the spaces where your original teeth once were, and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting around in your mouth. Partial dentures are also custom-fitted to your mouth, so they can correct differing patterns of missing teeth.

Caring for Dentures

  • Dentures should be removed and cleaned daily, with a denture brush and/or soft toothbrush and a cleanser that is appropriate to use on dentures
  • When cleaning, do not use boiling water, as the heat can damage the shape of the dentures
  • Keep your dentures soaking in cleanser or water when you are not wearing them
  • Keep your dentures in the same place when you remove them to avoid misplacing them
  • Remove partial dentures before brushing your original teeth

Am I a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Dentures are not just for elderly patients! Anyone, any age could be a good candidate for dentures if they have lost some or all of their teeth. Teeth are an essential part of the human body, and when we’re missing them, we tend to feel self-conscious. Dentures are an excellent way to feel great about your smile again.

Receiving dentures is an easy process and involves:

  • Taking measurements of your jaw and making an impression
  • Creating molds and wax forms of the dentures
  • Casting the final dentures
  • Making any necessary adjustments

So stop being embarrassed of your smile and contact us today to see if dentures are the right fit for you. We’ll do what we can to bring your smile back to life.