Teeth Whitening


Who wouldn’t want a brighter, whiter smile when they pause to check out their looks in the mirror?  In fact, when hundreds of dental patients were asked what one thing they would change about their teeth, the nearly unanimous response was “a whiter smile”.  Thanks to age, injury, medication, food, drink and tobacco use, over time shiny white teeth can take on an unattractive yellow hue. Fortunately, teeth whitening is available in many forms and it’s a rather simple process. Depending on the severity of discoloration and the amount of money a person wants to spend on whitening, several options [...]

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Pearly Whites


If you're like most of the world, you have, at some point, dropped money on teeth whitening products, because the yellow-ish hue infringing on your smile is killin’ your vibe. Just like your entry way rug gets dirty from feet trampling daily on it, your teeth also get dirty and stained.  If brushing and flossing are hit or miss, plaque builds up and eventually leads to tartar, that stuff that gives off the yellow-ish hue. Teeth can also stain from consuming drinks and foods with dark pigments and from using tobacco products.  The worst culprits are: black tea, coffee, [...]

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Does Whitening Toothpaste Hurt My Teeth?


Whitening toothpaste sounds like a dream come true. You can lose the weird whitening strips that crinkle in your mouth, and trays from the dentist can go bye-bye. All it takes is a tube of toothpaste and your basic, brush-two-times-a-day routine. Sounds easy, but there’s a risk involved for sure. Here’s what’s actually happening when you’re using whitening toothpaste. Many whitening toothpastes include rough little particles that do to your teeth what a scrub does to your face – exfoliates. Every time you brush your teeth, you end up exfoliating them, which reveals a whiter layer of enamel. The [...]

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