Kids (and people who have kid-like spirits) don’t often like going to the dentist. You can bribe them with treats during or after, but it takes a lot to haul them into the car and into the waiting room. Then you get to feel the tug on your shirt when you check in, followed by a “But do I have to get my teeth cleaned? I brush my teeth all the time!” Cue parental eye roll.

Want to give them something they (and you) can actually look forward to at the dentist? Sounds too good to be true, right? But there is something magical at Dr. Timothy Moore’s dentist office. And it’s him. Dr. Moore has been performing magic long before he even tapped into his passion for dentistry. When you walk into Dr. Moore’s office, you’ll know it’s a different kind of place. You’ll see magic posters, a huge aquarium, and a play area for the kids. So much thought has been put into bringing life into the office.

The best part of all this magic is that Dr. Moore actually performs magic tricks chairside. Here’s a little video to give you a taste!

Dr. Timothy Moore’s Magic Tricks at the Dentist Office

That’s just one simple trick out of dozens that Dr. Moore can perform. Next time you’re looking for a dentist that brings some fun into places you expect to be boring, stop on in! We’d love to meet you.