The future of dentistry looks bright!  It’s hard to know, exactly, what 20-30 years in the future will mean for the dental world, but as technology and innovation increase, it’s clear dentistry will continue to advance and develop more intricately.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence could revolutionize the way dentistry operates.  The use of Artificial Intelligence, alone, will allow for more specific diagnostics, data, and individual, personalized care.   The Smart toothbrush is growing in its popularity on the market, as it can detect good or bad brushing habits, connected with an app for ease of tracking patterns.  The world of Virtual Reality offers the ability for patients to escape to beautiful places during procedures. Medical students can watch live procedures and learn through watching surgeries via goggles.  The widespread use of tele-dentistry, thanks to the pandemic, has continued to grow in popularity, allowing people in all areas to access dental care.  Innovative 3D technology can create exact tooth replicas and prosthetic needs for patients needing replacements.  Labs are working tirelessly on the concept of regenerative dentistry so the teeth can stay optimally healthy, even as people age. The possibilities are endless!

Our commitment to our patients, is to stay as far ahead of the technological curve as possible. We’ve always been a bit advanced in that world, even with the use of things like intraoral cameras or CEREC. With CEREC, we’re one of a small percentage of practices that has the ability to do same-day crowns. No temporaries, gooey molds, or multiple trips. We’ve got the tech to do the whole thing in one trip, saving you time and money.

It’ll be fun to see where technology takes this important world of dentistry. And we’ll be excited to welcome in more and more smart uses of technology that ensure you have the best care at the most inexpensive cost.