Who can’t appreciate a good, dental meme?  But seriously…how do you know if you need a crown(of the dental variety)?  A dental crown is simply a cap that covers your current tooth.  It can improve the shape, function and look of the tooth in precarious dental situations.

Signs that you may need a crown:

  1. If you have a broken, fractured or chipped tooth—a crown is usually your best chance at restoring your tooth to its former glory.
  2. If you have had too many cavities for a tooth to withstand—the strength of a tooth is compromised if the same tooth has had repeated cavities. A crown ensures greater protection going forward.
  3. If you need a root canal—sometimes the tooth needs drained and covered for optimum health.
  4. If you have misshapen or stained teeth—for a confident smile, a crown can improve the overall appearance of the tooth for a self-conscious patient.
  5. If you have a weakened tooth or a tooth causing a lot of pain—nerves get sensitive in the mouth so offering an extra layer of material can be the best option for a patient suffering with discomfort.
  6. If you generally think of yourself as royalty(wink).

We would encourage you to schedule a check-up for a routine exam that allows us to assess whether or not you need a crown. If you do, we will ensure a fair treatment plan that considers your individual dental goals and needs.