Like it or not, a dental emergency can arise at any moment, without notice, causing discomfort and distress for everyone involved. Whether it’s a mouth injury from a
sporting event or an infected tooth causing debilitating pain, prompt dental care is crucial to improving the situation. Dental health heroes step in, daily, to help suffering patients by eliminating pain and restoring smiles.

Take the story of Nora, a young softball player. Amid a competitive game, Nora captured a ground ball, turned to tag the opponent, and ended up colliding with the
player. The impact resulted in Nora having a permanent, front tooth knocked out. She writhed in shock and pain as her tooth rolled close by, in the dirt. Quickly, her parents ushered her off the field, grabbed the tooth and headed to a nearby dental office. The team sprang into action, checking out the injury and making sure Nora’s pain was managed. They cleaned the tooth and soaked it in a root saving solution, allowing them to then carefully reattach it to Nora’s gum socket.

Fortunately, the tooth was successfully reattached, and Nora’s award-winning smile was redeemed. She found herself back on the field again in no time. This is just one of many stories about the collaboration and quick thinking of dental heroes that jump into action on any given day. Dentists and their teams are always ready to help, whether it’s for urgent matters or routine checkups; we are here for you!