We know your New Year’s resolution list doesn’t include going to the family dentist, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be one of your 2018 priorities! You can show your family just how important self-care is by scheduling one of our special family dentist appointment packages. The choices you make this year will impact you years down the road, so why not put more priority on what’s going to keep you healthy and glowing long-term?

Check out our two special offers below, and give us a call! We only have so many chairs… So the first 50 people who call us and mention this offer get it!

“Cause I Wanna Have Teeth Forever” Appointment | $100

Want to chew solids past the age of 57? Or are you feeling guilty you haven’t had your kids into the dentist yet? This special offer includes a dental tune-up with a cleaning, X-rays, exam, and flouride. It’s basically a bacteria-buster to keep your mouth healthy now and 57 years from now.

If you’re worried about your kids having their first appointment, or if you’ve had disasters in the past that made you want to crawl in a hole, you can take a deep breath. Dr. Moore is great with people, and great with kids. It’s why we pride ourselves on being a great family dentist office to visit. Dr. Moore can even throw in a couple magic tricks to keep your kiddos entertained and relaxed!

“Fountain of Tooth” Appointment | $200

If the shade of coffee has influenced your shine a bit or if you want to make your friends feel a bit jealous and say, “Whoa, look at you!” then this offer is just what you need to kick off the year. This treatment will make you feel good about your smile again. It’s a High-End Whitening Makeover and a major facelift-for-your-mouth. It’s not your normal whitening kit. Easy and pain-free.

Don’t forget we only have 50 spots, so call us to reserve your special offer now. We’ll talk you through everything so you know exactly what to expect and answer any questions you can think of for your dental visit.

We are a high-end family dentist office in Columbus, and we’d love to get to help you be healthy in 2018! Call us at (614) 459-5205, or contact us online below.

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