We all have that person in our lives that has everything, and finding a Christmas gift for them seems impossible. Well, why not consider a gift that may wow them and benefit their dental health!? Here are some ideas that are trending in the dental realm:

  1. A waterpik flosser tool—these are game changers for people with braces, bridges, or retainers
  2. Electric toothbrushes with app and additional features—built in timers, blue light technology, real time analysis, and ultrasonic vibrations are all recent improvements offered
  3. Tartar removal equipment—the investment could save you thousands in future medical costs
  4. Ultrasonic calculus remover—for those hard-to-reach spaces, the calculus remover can sense build up in tight spots and get rid of the problems
  5. Professional tooth whitening systems—if you are tired of the yellow-ish smile, this can change your confidence and smile

And then there are always the simpler, practical options for stockings like customizable dental floss, fun-colored toothbrushes, uniquely shaped pics and traveling cases. Any way you floss it (wink), you can’t go wrong buying someone a gift that supports their oral health and improves their smile confidence!