We’re saying Happy Holidays – with a happy offer for new patients.
We like to say we’re high-end dentistry for adults.  And for you kids — we’ve got some fun and (literal) magic tricks up our sleeves to keep them comfortable in the chair.

And because we want to show you that we’re a nice place for your family — we’re doing a fun Holiday Promotion — where all new patients will receive the very impressive Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrush (a Bluetooth Technology device that’s a $160 value) – that leaves your pearly whites professionally cleaned every time.

Just say “Facebook Free Toothbrush Promotion” when you call, and we’ll get you taken care of.

A little bit about me:
As a kid, I fell in love with two things: dentistry and magic. My dad was a Periodontist. I looked up to him and was proud of him, and it was really because of dad that I fell in love with dentistry. Magic was a side thing that kinda became a bigger thing along the way. It even grew to the point where I have been lucky to rub elbows with David Blaine & David Copperfield. But in reality – it’s just a fun little hobby that we use in the office to make kids comfortable if they need it.

I think you’ll find that we’ve got a crazy high-tech office. A staff that crazy cares about our patients. And a commitment to doing dentistry at a high-end level.
We’d love to meet you.

Offer valid to new patients participating in at least a cleaning exam + bitewing x-rays.  One device per family.