Like any health-related topic, there are certain misconceptions about oral health and what is or is not important.  Let’s dissect a few of the most common myths swirling about the mouth:

Common Dental Myths

“Diet sodas are okay to drink.”
In fact, even sugar substitutes can cause major damage to the enamel.

“Flossing creates spaces between teeth.” 
No need to worry about this one.  Floss will not widen a gap between teeth.

“Brushing harder works better.”
Brushing too hard can actually damage enamel and that is irreversible.

“If you have no oral concerns, you don’t need to schedule an appointment.”
So much of dental care is preventative. No pain doesn’t necessarily mean good oral health. Don’t wait to see a professional until you are in excruciating pain.

“You can use mouthwash instead of brushing.”
Although mouthwash is helpful in improving one’s breath and getting rid of some bacteria, it should never take the place of intentional brushing, which gets in places mouthwash can’t.

“Dental implants are too expensive for me.”
Don’t dismiss a procedure because of the expense.  Many insurance plans cover more than a patient realizes.  Most dental offices offer payment plans or assistance in this area.

“Electric brushes clean teeth more effectively.”
Electric brushes can be effective, yes, but they also have to be used correctly to be effective.  Studies do not conclusively show that electric brushes offer more advantages than a traditional toothbrush.

“Dental health doesn’t affect overall health.”
Amazingly, the health of the mouth is a window into a person’s overall health.  The mouth can show issues going on in the gut or the rest of the body. It’s all intricately intertwined.

“Pregnant woman don’t need to see the dentist.”
In fact, pregnant women often have additional dental issues due to the changes in hormones during this special time, so an appointment is vital for maintaining optimal health.

Let us help separate fact from fiction and create a positive dental experience for you!