There are three main reasons people avoid the dentist.

1. They are terrified to see if they’re housing a mouthful of cavities since their last visit.
2. It’s just one more annoying thing to think about and schedule.
3. Money. It costs money.

These are all based on one thing – fear. Fear of health risks, fear of time, and fear of money. And sometimes it takes a little parental pep-talk to remind people that going to the dentist is important!

We’re here to pep. Here are some comparisons about what it’s like not going to the dentist to put things in perspective:

  • Never going to the dentist is like…
  • Never changing the batteries in a smoke detector.
  • Never taking your cat to the vet.
  • Never changing the oil in a car.
  • Never starting an emergency fund.
  • Never cleaning a shower (Ew!).

These things have a common theme. They’re preventative. Somehow people manage to remember to change the oil in their car to keep it running properly, but people refuse to get their teeth deep-cleaned and checked regularly to prevent potential health risks in the future. Car versus body. Body always wins. Otherwise, who would drive the car?

We’ve definitely debunked reasons 1 and 2, but reason 3 is a harder one to manage, because money can be tight, especially when you have kids to think about and provide for!

This is a good time for us to mention a couple things if you fall into this bucket. First, we’d love to help you figure out a way to get into the dentist! Second, we offer an in-house dental savings plan for new and existing patients. Insurance can be extremely expensive, and this in-house plan is something that can get you 100% covered in our office.

If you’d like to know more or schedule an appointment, just call us (614-459-5205) or click below!