It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner and even harder to believe that the Midwest chill is here to stay. During this exciting time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos and forget about simple routines.  Be sure that brushing your teeth doesn’t appear on your forgotten list. Better yet, adopt the habit of brushing and flossing more often during this time of heavenly meals and an overabundance of sweets.  Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so here are 4 simple tips to keep that gorgeous smile throughout the festive season.

4 Simple Tips

  1. Brush A LOT – Ideally, after every meal is best. Get a travel toothbrush and some floss to bring along everywhere you go. If nothing else, loosen things up with some sugarless gum. After indulging in wonderful meals followed by delectable desserts, take a few moments to give your smile the gift of health.
  2. Tools versus teeth – There are a multitude of different seasonal nuts and seeds offered this time of year. Use a nutcracker, not your teeth, to bite the shells.  Don’t BE a nut and crack your tooth.
  3. Pick your poison – candy canes and caramel popcorn balls are tasty but can raise havoc on your teeth.  Super chewy or crunchy, hard holiday morsels can be the undoing of your teeth. Instead, indulge in a cookie or a chocolate to satisfy the craving.
  4. No, really. Tooth gifts can be cool – You need to change your tooth brush every 3 months anyways.  Why not gift someone with a new toothbrush in their stocking? There are all sorts of of high tech toothbrushing gadgets, brushes with lights, bells and whistles, and practical dental gifts for any age.

Make a point to call us and get your teeth checked in the midst of the annual holiday eating. It will boost your dental health at a time when it’s most vulnerable. That way, your teeth will be in prime condition while you’re enjoying your holiday feasts!