As school lets out for summer, neighborhoods will be filled with the sounds of playing children and outdoor fun!  Most kids love bike riding, roller skating, skateboarding or other physical activities that can be enjoyed in the glorious sunshine.  Everyone is so busy having a good time, that we often forget to consider how those precious teeth can be protected for optimal enjoyment and minimal damage.  Studies report that 39% of dental injuries are related to some type of sporting activity. But there’s a simple way to help block blows to the teeth. At the dental office, we can make a custom-fitted mouth guard to help avoid major injury during those collisions with the sidewalk or other kid’s legs and elbows.  If getting in for a dental visit quickly isn’t an option, consider buying a mouth guard at a sporting goods store that can be softened using hot water to form fit any mouth.

We want everyone to have a blast this summer, while managing to keep all of your teeth in tact!  And just as reminder, NOW is a great time to schedule yearly dental check up for kids while the demands of school aren’t looming.  Hope to see you soon.