The start of the new year is when most of us are(once again) making bold decisions to change and conquer negative patterns and behaviors that we battle and never quite seem to overpower.  At the very top of the resolution list is one category that dominates year after year…improving our health.  If your true goal is better overall health, then that means more than simply exercising.  It means taking good care of the ONE smile you’ve been given. As you sketch out your yearly goals and plans, make sure that regular dental visits and daily oral health habits are part of your course of action.

Don’t know where to start?  Try using this WOOP technique, created by Dr. Oettingen, to get you going in the right direction.

  • Wish: What do you want your teeth/smile/mouth to look and feel like?
  • Outcome: What would the ideal outcome be? What will your life look like when you hit your goal?
  • Obstacle: You know yourself. What will try to stop you? What has sidelined you before?
  • Plan: How will you get around it?

A healthy smile will help you tackle 2020 with greater confidence and fortitude!  Let us help get you where you want to be this year.