So I’m just a small time, Family Dentist here in Columbus.  That somehow ended up on a National Television special. Here’s what happened.  David Blaine is one of the most famous and talented magicians of our generation.  And just a really cool dude.  A few years ago, he took on a very dangerous stunt of catching a bullet in his teeth on national TV.  And because of my long history of being both a dentist and a magician, he reached out to me asking for help on the mouth contraption that would literally catch that bullet.  Here’s what we’d hope you see.  We won’t be doing any crazy tricks in you or your kids mouths.  But… we have been doing this for a very long time, over 30-years.  And if we can be a part of helping create a contraption that safely allows someone to catch a bullet in their teeth, we hope you’ll be confident that we can handle your oral care with the best professionalism, the best technology, and at a cost that your family will feel good about… And maybe even share a magic trick to help your little ones feel comfortable.

I’m Family Dentist, Dr Timothy Moore.  And our team would love to meet you.