Twenty-five years ago, a West Virginia prison inmate braided dental floss into a rope, scaled the wall, and escaped. While this is incredibly creative, the preferred use for floss is using it to clean the surfaces of teeth that you are missing when only brushing (better yet, just try to avoid going to prison).

Though flossing probably doesn’t sit at the top of your priority list, it should.  Once you make it a habit, chances are you won’t quit, because you’ll grow to like that smooth, clean feeling flossing creates.  What most of us don’t know is that flossing should not just happen between teeth but also by sliding it along the surface to rid the tooth of any build up.

Gums may bleed when you first start flossing but after a week or two, that should stop.  There are all types of floss or floss accessories to aid in helping people with various issues: sensitive teeth, teeth that overlap, teeth that are hard to reach and so on.  Try a floss pick or waxed or scented flosses to tackle these obstacles.  A quick floss can be done anywhere, on the go, any time of day, so there’s really no excuse to leave this habit out of your routine (going to the gym is another story).

Come visit us for a dental check up—and we will send you on your way with a supply of floss to start your journey to oral health!