Do you ever feel a little anxious sticking a tube of toothpaste in your carry-on bag, wondering if it will get squeezed onto your freshly pressed dress clothes!? Well, fear no more. Try out a toothpaste tablet. What? That’s right. Instead of using a tube of toothpaste, you can toss in a tablet, chew it into paste form, and stick a brush in your mouth to carry out the normal brushing experience.

This waterless tablet is essentially toothpaste powder formed into a tiny, circular tablet. It makes it easy for travel, eliminates the nasty blue goop found on the inside of the sink, and it’s eco friendly for those interested in making environmentally conscious decisions. There are different versions including fluoride types, fluoride-free options, and even plant-based flavors. And almost all available brands on the market boast being plastic-free, eliminating the need to take up landfill space with plastic tubes.

Understandably, some people may prefer the flavor, ease and comfort of routine, using their regular toothpaste. But the tablet is a great alternative for times where you get in a bind or need the accessibility of popping a simple tab. Say goodbye to mess and to tablets say YES!