Is it an oxymoron for a dentist to pass out Halloween candy?

According to a survey done(with over 250 dentists) by Delta Dental, 60% of dentists give out candy at Halloween.  Not so surprisingly, 5% hand out toothbrushes and the rest pass up the tradition of goodie hand-outs altogether.

In an effort to help out your local, friendly dentist and further the lifespan of your pearly whites, here are some non-candy ideas you may want to try to pass out this Halloween season:

Stickers or temporary tattoos

Play doh

Glow sticks


Apples or apple chips 

Kids Clif Zbars
Applesauce in squeeze packs
Bags of chips
Clementine tangerines (“Cuties” or “Halos” with a jack-o-lantern face out of permanent marker)
Packs of of crackers

Sugarless gum
Seed packets
Spider or insect rings
Mini puzzles

Goldfish crackers
Toothbrushes (and floss!)


These are simple ways to enjoy the holiday without harming your teeth in the process!  Feel free to stop into our office and see what we have for the ghouls…oops, girls and boys, this Halloween season.