Almost all of us have had that dreaded moment when you’re sitting in the dentist chair, and you hear a “Hmmmm…………” Your brain races. Uh-oh, please don’t let it be…

“Looks like you have another cavity.”


“We’ll have to get you scheduled for a filling here shortly.”

For some of you, you’re thinking about biting the bullet at age 40 and getting dentures early at the rate you’re going. For others, maybe you’ve only got a couple cavities. Either way, you’re brushing your teeth and doing everything right. So why do you keep getting cavities?

Here are the Top 5 “Cavity-Culprits” (other than not brushing and flossing your teeth):

  1. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar.  Sugar breeds bacteria, which eats away at your tooth enamel. With nearly everything other than protein and vegetables turning into sugar in your body these days, you can’t let yourself be deceived by thinking staying away from candy is enough!
  2. Soda & Carbonated Water. Sorry millennials, LaCroix – while not as detrimental as other sodas – has acid in it that will eat away at your tooth enamel. Soda in general not only has acid but also tons of sugar that will rot away your teeth. Pick up a bottle of water instead!
  3. Age. It’s easy to remember that our muscles and bones age and get weaker, but we forget that our teeth are included in the process. Don’t put off good dental care. You’ll be thankful for the discipline when you’re 83.
  4. Grooves & Genetics. Sometimes it’s just the way you’re built! If teeth have really deep grooves, you’re more susceptible to bacteria hitting the root of your tooth faster. And if you have a history of tooth decay in your family, you have a higher chance of struggling with that. Ask your parents!
  5. Tooth Grinding. Usually people under immense stress grind their teeth at night without even realizing it. If you wake up with pain or notice your enamel wearing down at the dentist, ask about a “night guard” to sleep with.

The more preventative you are now, the happier you’ll be later.

These are all great things to watch out for when it comes to preventative health, but another great thing you can do is pop in for a check up. It may be intimidating financially, hard to squeeze in with your busy schedule, or just plain annoying. But it’s important! We’re easy to work with, and we’d love to meet you and help you get on a healthy track with your teeth. There’s no problem too big or small for us to handle, so call us today or make an appointment below!