I’m pretty sure most of us are guilty of using a random item around the house or car to scrape out something stuck in our teeth before that important client meeting or coffee date with a friend. Lucky for us, that’s not the norm.  But it used to be.
Humans have been experimenting with ways to clean their teeth for a long time! One of the earliest tools for cleaning was made from a twig or a branch that was chewed and worked around in the mouth. These “chew sticks” are the oldest toothbrushes on record.
In China, in 1498, the first toothbrush with bristles was made, using hair from hogs, horses, and badgers. It wasn’t until 1770 that a man named William Addis decided to make the most of his jail time and came up with a handled, boar bristled brush he used in his cell. When he was released he started a family business, and made a fortune from his creation.  Boar bristles, which were dirty and unsanitary, continued to be used until 1938, when nylon brushes were first introduced.  Surprisingly, the concept of toothbrushing didn’t really take hold until soldiers during World War II started the habit and carried on their new routine at home.
One quick walk down the Walmart aisle and you can see how much toothbrushes have evolved since then(whew!) Today, there are over 3000 patents for the toothbrush and virtually endless styles and colors to choose from.
Thanks goodness for modern day dental advances.  Our office offers all sorts of options, whether it’s a toothbrush that fits your needs or same day crowns, making your visit painless, easy and effective. Give us a call and we will help you get started!