In the 1800s, people often went to their local barber to consult him about tooth pain. Dentists were few and far between, so the highly respected “cutter of hair” would be the chosen man to extract the tooth. Yikes.  Only the rich could afford wooden dentures (made from the teeth of the deceased) to replace a missing tooth, so most people just went without.

Fast forward to today: thank goodness the dental business was eventually  recognized as a medical profession and the development of technology, tools and numbing pain came into existence.  The front lines of dentistry are now covered in X-Rays, computers, lasers and ongoing research.  One developing treatment, being used globally, uses 3D printing to replace lost teeth.  Elsewhere, artificial intelligence is being designed to check thousands of patients every second, while also detecting cavities, suggesting treatments and noting potential future problems.  In China, a fully-automated robotic arm is using 3D scans to replace teeth!  Gene scientists are experimenting with ways to trigger our genes to grow better teeth and to replace lost teeth. These types of advances enable people to speak, smile, eat without pain and live more confidently with strong oral health!

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