Toothbrush Do’s & Don’t’s


What if I told you there’s a “right way” to take care of your toothbrush? Weird? Maybe. Helpful? Definitely. Don’t forget that your toothbrush is used twice daily (hopefully), and its entire purpose is to scrub the bacteria and plaque off of your teeth. While this leaves your mouth clean, it does not leave your toothbrush sanitary. And most of us then store this dirty toothbrush in a bathroom, which also has lingering bacteria in the air.  Grossed out yet? Fortunately, this is simply remedied. First of all, rinse your brush with hot water after each use. If this [...]

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Best Dental Care Products for $40 or Less


As Americans, we spend $100 billion dollars a year on hair products.  In contrast, we spend $2 billion a year on dental care products.  But good hair is only noticed when paired with a good smile, right?  There are so many products on the market; it’s hard to know where to start. So, here are some of the most highly rated, well-loved products you can give a try for $40 or less: Bamboo organic natural bamboo toothbrush - this product is especially appealing to the environmentally friendly—it’s a great alternative to plastic Quip electric toothbrush - used to remove food and [...]

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Boars, Bristles, & Brushes


I’m pretty sure most of us are guilty of using a random item around the house or car to scrape out something stuck in our teeth before that important client meeting or coffee date with a friend. Lucky for us, that’s not the norm.  But it used to be. Humans have been experimenting with ways to clean their teeth for a long time! One of the earliest tools for cleaning was made from a twig or a branch that was chewed and worked around in the mouth. These “chew sticks” are the oldest toothbrushes on record. In China, in [...]

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Are Manual or Electric Toothbrushes Better?


There’s a lot of speculation about whether manual or electronic toothbrushes are better for you. The people with manual ones will tell you we’ve been using them for centuries and are doing just fine. The people with electronic toothbrushes will tell you that you’re missing out…big time. So are manual or electric toothbrushes better? Who should you believe? We thought we’d break down what you should look for when you look for a new toothbrush and whether manual or electronic toothbrushes are right for you. A Note on Electric Toothbrushes If we dig down to the basics, there’s one [...]

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