It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, because let’s face it, continuing to do something because it’s comfortable or what you are used to is often easier than going through the hassle of making a change.  Even if the change is necessary.  Maybe you’ve been considering a switch to a new dentist for years.  Perhaps your favorite dentist recently retired or maybe you have been feeling unheard at your current practice or the care you are receiving doesn’t feel satisfactory. 

We want to help make that change seamless for you.  Here a few steps to consider when making the transition:

  • Look at the Dental Health Society website for qualified professionals
  • Be sure to ask your co workers and neighbors for their recommendations
  • Check out online reviews to see patterns in professionalism
  • Once you’ve selected a new dentist, make sure to have your old records transferred over

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions that are important to your oral health, like:

  • What is the dentist’s background, experience and schooling?
  • Does the dentist take your insurance?
  • Can the dentist take care of your personal needs(fears/anxiety/medical specifics)?
  • Are the hours and location convenient for you?

We would love to be your new dental home, and we are committed to meeting your specific needs. We’ve been providing top-quality care since 1984, making it comfortable and easy to visit the dentist. You are more than welcome to stop by for a visit, get a feel for our office culture and ask any nagging questions, so you can make an educated decision about your dental care.