We tend to be careful about what we put in our bodies for meals.  We tend to be disciplined about getting to the gym.  But do we treat our dental care with the same intentionality?  Isn’t there good reason the mouth is often called the “window” to the body?  To understand this concept better, let’s debunk some common myths surrounding the topic of dental hygiene:

  1. Brushing your teeth hard helps get rid of buildup. NOPE. Brushing too hard take off the enamel and can even cause greater gum recession, in the long run. Gentle brushing is best.
  2. Bleeding gums are bad. ACTUALLY, bleeding is a sign of inflammation, but over time, regular flossing will eliminate inflammation and the bleeding.
  3. Poor oral hygiene only affects the mouth. WRONG. Taking poor care of your mouth can lead to gut issues, heart challenges, and lung dysfunction. The body works best when all parts of functioning optimally!
  4. Male and female teeth have the same needs. HARDLY. Due to pregnancy and hormonal changes, women have greater strain put on their teeth and must be even more intentional than men in receiving proper dental care.

Don’t fall for these dental misnomers.  Regularly scheduled check ups with your dentist can stave off future problems, infections and other health issues in the body.  Don’t put off today, what can affect you tomorrow!