Perhaps you have filled out a March Madness bracket, and the excitement is brewing in your competitive household or work environment as strong opinions about definite winners are exchanged.

Perhaps these participants also have strong opinions about their dental habits.  Why not challenge them to a dental madness bracket, just for fun?

1st up—Team Floss versus Team Mouthwash:

And the winner is… FLOSSING.  Mouthwash should never replace brushing and flossing. Instead, use it after you’ve done the other two activities, to rinse out any residual bacteria.

Next up—Team Manual Toothbrush versus Team Electric Toothbrush:

And the winner is…ELECTRIC.  Electric toothbrushes remove build up and plaque more efficiently and help kids navigate more easily around braces and expanders.  The additional bonus of pressure sensors, built-in timers, and digital reminders can also make it easier to gauge the effectiveness of brushing.

Last but not least—Team Regular Check Up versus Team Wait till There’s Pain:

And the winner is…REGULAR CHECK UP.  Oddly, many people are surprised to learn at a checkup they have cavities or gum disease, because often, they have little pain associated with the diagnosis.  Preventative care is the best care, because problems can be caught early and often even halt them from becoming major health obstacles.

Let’s not fool ourselves—the winner of every bracket, every time is TEAM DENTIST: the individual who prioritizes his/her dental health, and overall health, to keep from unnecessary pain and hardship, down the road.  Come visit us and if you want to be on the WINNING TEAM!