With the ever-changing status of Covid variants and the number of people affected, many of us worry about catching viruses in spaces with high levels of bacteria.

Be assured, in our office, we are adhering to all the regulations implemented in the dental industry. Your overall health is our top priority. That being said, if you are able to make it to our office safely, keeping up with your dental care is a crucial part of staying healthy.

Sometimes it helps to know exactly what measurements are being taken to ensure a patient’s well-being.  Here are some of the precautions being used: 

  • Thorough sterilization of areas, not just equipment
  • Air filters
  • Appropriate use of PPE
  • Mask, temperature, and screening requirements for anyone who enters our office

There’s definitely link between oral and overall health, but with flu season looming and a long winter ahead, we want to emphasize the importance of keeping up with your routine care at all of your providers. If you have any questions about our protocols or your individualized dental treatment, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we are here to help!