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David’s Incredible Story


A routine dental visit COULD save your life.  Don’t believe it?  Read the story of David, a 26 year old who never imagined that a check-up with the dentist would spare him from death. In the fall of 2018, David was working towards his Master’s Degree, juggling a full time job and planning a wedding with his girlfriend of 4 years. While brushing his teeth one morning, David noticed some strange spots developing on the bottom of his tongue. He dismissed the spots, because they weren’t causing him pain, and he figured they would fade overnight. His routine dental [...]

David’s Incredible Story2022-03-24T15:22:00-05:00

Good Habits Start Young


In February of 1949, Children’s National Dental Health Day was first created to encourage healthy oral habits for children.  Fast forward 31 years later, to 1981, and February was deemed a month-long celebration to focus on dental health for kids.  One might almost think this was a purposeful move made during a month where a lot of Valentine candy is consumed. Hmm. Educational programs and prevention awareness is the best way to help parents and caregivers navigate oral health with their children.  After all, good habits start young, and getting kids to brush and floss regularly often feels like [...]

Good Habits Start Young2022-02-10T12:52:26-06:00

Rising Covid & Flu Cases


With the ever-changing status of Covid variants and the number of people affected, many of us worry about catching viruses in spaces with high levels of bacteria. Be assured, in our office, we are adhering to all the regulations implemented in the dental industry. Your overall health is our top priority. That being said, if you are able to make it to our office safely, keeping up with your dental care is a crucial part of staying healthy. Sometimes it helps to know exactly what measurements are being taken to ensure a patient’s well-being.  Here are some of the precautions [...]

Rising Covid & Flu Cases2022-01-11T14:48:03-06:00

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Dentist Gave to Me


On the first day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me:  One travel tooth cleaning kit for he and she On the second day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Two pies and cookies that are sugar free On the third day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Three stockings filled with toothbrushes instead of candy On the fourth day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Four cups of soda, just kidding, but rather tea On the fifth day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Five baskets of whole foods, fruits, and veggies On the [...]

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Dentist Gave to Me2021-12-10T08:25:45-06:00

Your Dentist Passes Out Candy Too


Sometimes, in life, we are perplexed by an extremely important question…do dentists hand out candy on Halloween?  The answer to this question may surprise you. Surveys say that as many as 76% of dentists openly admit to handing out candy on Halloween. I get it; what dentist wants to spoil the once-a-year fun. Afterall, dentists are human, and most of them have a sweet tooth, just like the rest of us. In a recent interview done with dentists in regards to their feelings about Halloween, here were some of their candid responses: "I give out Halloween candy!" Dr. Naini [...]

Your Dentist Passes Out Candy Too2021-10-29T09:28:11-05:00

What to Expect with a Mouth or Lip Piercing


Perhaps you will want to put that bucket list dream of having a lip ring on the back burner after hearing a little more about how it affects your mouth. Though piercings are a great way for people to express their personal style, the choice often comes with a cost. For starters, lip rings and tongue piercings are typically made out of metal. As you can imagine, the jewelry can knock against your teeth, chipping or fracturing them. Metal in the mouth can wear down enamel over time, creating greater tooth sensitivity as well as decay and discoloration. Tongue rings can actually damage [...]

What to Expect with a Mouth or Lip Piercing2021-09-30T15:41:25-05:00

How Eating Disorders Affect Your Teeth


A sad epidemic, wildly rampant (but often kept quiet) is the issue of eating disorders. Although sufferers often hide in silence, the mouth reveals clear signs of this health altering disease. In fact, many parents have discovered their teenager’s crisis after taking them for a routine dental visit, because dentists can clearly see the effects on oral health. According to the Institute of Dental Research, 28% of Bulimia cases are first diagnosed during a dental exam. For one thing, the lack of nutrients absorbed by a person can lead to weakened teeth as well as tooth sensitivity, bad breath and decay. Those who suffer from [...]

How Eating Disorders Affect Your Teeth2021-09-16T15:34:36-05:00

Nothing Can Hide from Our Intraoral Cameras


Our world is ever evolving and modern technological advancements in the dental world are important. We want to provide patients with the best service possible. One way we can do this is with our sophisticated intraoral camera. This small, non-invasive camera is usually shaped like a small wand (about the size of a toothbrush). Gone are the days of holding your mouth open for far too long in precarious positions, being asked questions you can’t answer and hoping the hygienist will hurry up and snap a pic. Instead, the intraoral camera takes quick, clear, digital pictures of the inside [...]

Nothing Can Hide from Our Intraoral Cameras2021-09-02T10:59:40-05:00

How a Routine Checkup Saved Tim’s Life


Crazy as it may sound, there is actually a chance that your routine dental exam could save your life! The mouth is a gateway to so many other underlying medical issues that a thorough check by your friendly dentist could reveal much greater dangers lurking in the body. Take, Tim Tooth, for example(don’t be fooled; that’s not his real name). Tim was a 60 year old male that came in for his 6 month dental check up. The examination revealed that he had some sort of ulcer on his lip that would not heal. Tim shared that he had noticed the spot for [...]

How a Routine Checkup Saved Tim’s Life2021-08-24T12:18:38-05:00

Energy Drinks vs. Soda


Energy and sports drinks are extremely popular amongst teenagers and young adults, especially. Students gulp down Monsters to stay attentive in class, interns sip on 5 Hour Energy cans in order to meet deadlines, and athletes guzzle Red Bull and Gatorade to help enhance their performance. But are they really a “healthier” option? The two major ingredients found in energy and sports drinks are caffeine and sugar. Surprisingly, they contain 4-8 teaspoons of sugar (about half of what’s found in a can of Coke). The residue left on enamel after drinking is converted into acid. Acid is what eats [...]

Energy Drinks vs. Soda2021-07-29T11:40:10-05:00
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