Don’t get spooked this Halloween with an emergency visit to the dentist! Now listen. We don’t expect ya’ll to skip the Halloween treats altogether, but there are some reasonable ways to avoid an unwanted dental bill and the extra pain associated with a cracked tooth or filling.

Although dental fillings, sealants and crowns are tough enough to withstand cavities, they aren’t indestructible. They can become loose if taffy, caramel, jawbreakers, or popcorn kernels get stuck in unwanted places. All it takes is one misaligned bite down on peanut brittle or toffee to dislodge something installed to protect your teeth. Instead, opt for treats like soft chocolates that can easily be consumed(and enjoyed) and washed down with water. Many kids with braces need to be especially
mindful during the sugary holiday, because wires and brackets can be damaged with chewy items, namely caramel apples. Having sharp, broken wires can be painful and even set back the progress of orthodontic work, so it isn’t worth the risk.

Again, don’t let the holiday pass you by without some satisfying indulgences; just stick to options that are soft like chocolate bars, peanut butter cups and mint patties.