Safety First

Teeth are kind of like icebergs. Up above everything looks fine, but you have no idea what’s under the surface. That’s why it’s crucial to get X-rays when you go to a dentist office. You may think that your mouth is in perfect condition, but your beautiful smile may be hiding some little surprises for you.

Why They’re Important

  • Digital X-rays are so precise they can pick up surprises under more than just teeth. They expose everything underneath all the previous dental work you’ve gotten done. In other words, they see straight through any crowns or fillings that are not made of metal or amalgam.
  • Digital dental images can be stored easily in electronic patient records and, sent quickly electronically to insurance companies, referring dentists or consultants, often eliminating or reducing treatment disruption and leading to faster dental insurance reimbursements.

Why They’re Safe

  • Dental digital radiographs eliminate chemical processing and disposal of hazardous wastes and lead foil, thereby presenting a “greener” and eco-friendly alternative.
  • Digital sensors and PSP (photostimulable phosphor) plates are more sensitive to X-radiation and require 50 to 80 percent less radiation than film. This technology adheres to the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle, which promotes radiation safety.

Descriptions provided by Digital Dental Radiography.

If you’re ready to see under the surface of your gums and teeth but are a little afraid to start the dental journey, we’re here to help! A trip to the dentist is not your favorite trip to make, but you’ll feel so much better after coming. You can take the first step by contacting us!