A Closer Look

Intraoral cameras are like the perfect dental assistant – obnoxiously detailed, speedy, and good at keeping records of previous visits.

Cool Fact #1

To keep it simple, an intraoral camera is a small camera that captures the outside of the gum and tooth in meticulous detail. One major benefit is that it can diagnose dental problems early. For instance, maybe you brush your teeth regularly and are an A+ dental patient, but the intraoral detects tooth decay. One little cavity later, and you’re looking at a smaller dental bill because we caught the problem early!

Cool Fact #2

You may have tried to shove your face close to the mirror and see what’s going on in that mouth of yours, but it’s hard to see what a dentist can. With an intraoral camera, you have a front row seat to your own mouth. You can see in real-time what the problem is. Then, with the help of the camera, you’ll be able to see before and after shots of your progress.

Cool Fact #3

Insurance companies may need proof of your dental work. This is where the intraoral camera functions as an awesome dental assistant. It captures all the photos you could possibly need of your dental problems so you can provide proof to your insurance company to strengthen your claim. They’ll even save you time since you can send the pictures via email to your insurance company.

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