How I Quit Sucking My Thumb


My mother says it’s childish and

my father says it’s dumb—

whenever they discover that

I’m sucking on my thumb.

It’s such a silly thing to do,

as everybody knows.

So now instead of sucking it

I stick it in my nose.

Do you have a thumb sucker in your house?  Lots of us do!  And let’s be honest, it’s pretty adorable to watch sleeping little ones as they soothe themselves and dream of cotton candy and rainbows.  Luckily, most kids outgrow the habit within the first few years of life. It’s easy to assume that thumb sucking isn’t harmful until permanent teeth enter the picture, but baby teeth actually set the path for adult teeth. Some long- term effects of thumb sucking include:

  • A narrow jaw
  • Issues with swallowing
  • Irregular tooth positioning
  • Speech issues
  • An abnormal tongue rest

Thumb sucking is just one reason why it’s important to maintain your child’s regular schedule of dental exams, starting from the age of 1 year. At our family friendly office, we can teach you and your child effective oral hygiene techniques and generally monitor dental growth and development. Though orthodontics can usually fix bite problems that result from sucking habits, we’d just as soon help you avoid this expense if possible!