Many of us have experienced (what we thought) was a decent night of sleep, only to wake to an aching jaw, a dull, nagging headache and for some strange reason, a sore face. If you experience these symptoms and feel stumped as to the cause, there’s a good chance you are suffering from bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding.  Over time, this clenching action can cause sensitivity and tooth damage, so figuring out the root cause is a must. The biggest culprit for this unintentional habit… stress and anxiety (of course)!  But how can you possibly stop something you do in your sleep, right??  Wrong!  This habit can be helped.

*Wear a night guard(your dentist can create a custom fit option) to protect teeth

*Exercise to release some of the tension caused by stress

*Try a warm bath before bed, which helps to calm the muscles (yes, even in your face)

*Skip alcohol and caffeine close to bed time since this can make grinding worse

*Stick to minimally chewy food

*Use meditation or yoga to help relax your body and mind before hitting the hay

Don’t fret. Teeth grinding is super common! But treating it early is important to avoid significant dental complications. Your dentist is a good resource for diagnosing and treating bruxism. So play it safe, get things checked out, and let us help you on your road to recovery.