Our world is ever evolving and modern technological advancements in the dental world are important. We want to provide patients with the best service possible. One way we can do this is with our sophisticated intraoral camera.

This small, non-invasive camera is usually shaped like a small wand (about the size of a toothbrush). Gone are the days of holding your mouth open for far too long in precarious positions, being asked questions you can’t answer and hoping the hygienist will hurry up and snap a pic. Instead, the intraoral camera takes quick, clear, digital pictures of the inside of the mouth.

The experience allows patients to take on more of an active role in their treatment plan, because they can see exactly what the dentist is referring to. For example, a cracked tooth, which traditionally would have been impossible for a patient to see, can’t possibly be ignored when a digital image is magnified in front of a patient on a screen! Rather than questioning a treatment plan or feeling skeptical about a proposed procedure, a patient can clearly see the problem and make an educated decision on how to move forward. Additionally, the camera has a built-in rating system that allows each tooth to be identified by a number (1-5), which correlates with the health and wellness of each tooth.

We want you to experience the most cost effective, painless, up to date, timely dental procedures offered in 2021. Come give us a try!