What hasn’t Covid affected?  As if going to the dentist wasn’t already a fear inducing experience for many, the addition of a wide spread virus is enough to keep people from venturing to the dentist.

Although the dental experience doesn’t bode well for social distancing or mask wearing, there haven’t been any large cases of Covid spread in the dental environment. The dental experts of the American Dental Association have weighed in on the safety of going to the dentist during the current pandemic.  Surprisingly, they say, emphatically, YES, it is safe to see the dentist and more importantly, it is vital for optimal overall health to maintain scheduling regular checkups. The longer a person goes without dental care and preventative treatment, the worse a condition can get over time.  This could lead to an increase in cost and care down the road.  

The Centers of Disease Control is also mandating strong protocols in the dental office to ensure safety. Some of these steps include: screening patients, taking temperatures, having patients wear masks prior to and post treatment, limiting the amount of people in an office, disinfecting equipment and enforcing PPE for the staff to wear.  It’s also important to note that most dental offices are squeaky clean in a non-pandemic era, because they are already in the habit of using strict procedures to keep equipment sanitized and clean.

At our office, it’s a top priority to protect you, other patients and our staff.  We are doing everything in our power to maintain safety and also give you the top-notch dental care you know and expect from our friendly, accommodating staff.