Like it or not, the new school year is fast approaching.  While new routines are being established, why not kick off (or continue) healthy dental habits with your kids!? Honestly, it will save YOU, in the end, because you can avoid unforeseen time off at work to manage dental issues.

10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth in Tip-Top Shape

1. While you are out shopping for new school shoes and backpacks, pick up a fun, new toothbrush to match!

2. Sneak as many nutritious foods into lunch boxes as you can—avoid sugary drinks and chewy candies whenever possible.

3. Supply a water bottle to help kids stay hydrated throughout the day (it will help rinse bacteria too).

4. Kindly remind your school aged child to resist the temptation to chew on pens and pencils in class (even if math class is dreadful…I get it.)

5. Make an appointment now (while it’s on your brain) to check in with the dentist in 6 months.

6. Though it may not seem “cool” to be “that” kid, don’t be afraid to send a brush along for brushing post lunch time– trust me, if they have their eye on a young man or lady, they won’t resist you too hard.

7. Only pack things like nuts, cheese, yogurt, fruits and crunchy veggies for snack time.

8. Encourage your kids to avoid rough play on the black top area for recess—stick to the grass and turf, where trauma of the mouth is less likely to occur.

9. Start the morning by providing a protein filled breakfast to prevent sugar cravings and hunger throughout the school day.

10. Perhaps you can incentivize your kids with a reward for keeping up oral health habits during the school year(kind of like getting a prize for A’s on the report card)  Afterall, it’s much cheaper than dental work. Amiright?

Let us know how we can come along side you and your family to support your oral health goals for the 2022-2023 school year.