Mouth guards aren’t simply for teeth grinders. They are helpful for preventing sport injuries and they can even reduce snoring and help sufferers of sleep apnea.
Stock mouth guards are most used for sports. They cover the top teeth and can be purchased at local drug stores or a sporting goods store. If you’re involved in an activity that includes a risk of falling or contact with any part of the face and mouth, the mouth guard is a must.

Boil & Bite Mouth Guards

Boil and bite mouth guards are also inexpensive and easy to purchase at a drug store. This type is boiled in hot water and molded to fit to your mouth specifications. Using this mouth guard can help eliminate severe snoring, because it pulls the lower jaw forward, allowing for more breathing space.

Custom Fit Mouth Guards

The best and most expensive mouth guard is one that is custom fit. Generally speaking, they are more comfortable, stay in place securely and fit the specific structure of your teeth. Often, insurance will cover much of the cost, so it’s worth looking into. Sleep apnea sufferers who prefer a mouth guard to a CPAP machine can benefit from a custom-made type. Teeth grinders that deal with jaw pain and discomfort also see positive results from wearing a custom-made guard to separate their top and bottom teeth, while sleeping.

As always, consulting your dentist and understanding the options available is the best way to start your journey to more restful, pain free experiences!