Being the tooth fairy is no small feat. You must be sneaky, snatching teeth from under pillows and replacing the object with treats. Depending on how often kids lose teeth, this could amount to 20 visits from the magical creature. And thanks to inflation, in all areas, according to a recent Delta Dental poll, the average hand out these days is $3.91 per tooth. Recently, Reader’s Digest shared some funny tooth fairy moments with its readers.

Here are a couple you may relate to:

“I was playing tooth fairy when my daughter suddenly woke up. Spotting the money in my hand, she cried out, “I caught you!” I froze, trying to think of an explanation for why I, rather than the tooth fairy, was depositing a gift under her pillow. I was let off the hook when my daughter interjected, “You put that money back! The tooth fairy left it for me!”

“One day when I picked up my four-year-old daughter, Kirsten, from the bus stop, she told me that a friend on the bus had said her mom was the tooth fairy. I was casting about for an explanation when Kristen gave me a huge smile and said, “Can you believe it! The tooth fairy lives right down the street from me!”

“My friend’s daughter, Chelsea, found a baby tooth that her kitten had lost. She and her sister decided that they could put one over on the tooth fairy. That night they placed the tooth under Chelsea’s pillow. And it worked—to a point. But the tooth fairy left a can of sardines.”

“My five-year-old Alphonse has cavities and often has to visit the dentist. I didn’t realize how concerned he was about the expenses until he told me, “Mom, you know why the tooth fairy gives money away? So that it will help us pay our dentist.”

Hey, perhaps you can use the excitement of an impending visit from the Tooth Fairy to help kids remember the importance of brushing and flossing! It’s never too soon to start implementing strong dental habits.