Sometimes our fears dominate our decision making. And sometimes, those decisions are based on things we have heard, not necessarily facts. So why not dig a little deeper and debunk some swirling common myths about the dentist and your oral health? Here goes:

1) Myth: Pregnant women should avoid seeing the dentist.
Busted: Due to all the hormonal changes a woman goes through during pregnancy, pregnant women have an increased chance of dealing with gingivitis and cavities! It’s perfectly safe to have a x ray, anesthesia free appointment.

2) Myth: Baby teeth don’t matter, because they come out at some point anyways!
Busted: Severe decay in baby teeth can actually follow a child into adulthood, causing misaligned, unhealthy teeth.

3) Myth: Brushing once a day is plenty!
Busted: The general rule should always be two minutes, two times a day. This ensures that you get all of the bacteria and food off of your teeth.

4) Myth: Sugar ALONE causes cavities.
Busted: It’s never just one thing that causes a cavity. It’s about controlling the bacteria in your mouth and being mindful of your sugar consumption.

5) Myth: If nothing in my mouth hurts, there is likely no problem; therefore, I can skip my dental visit.
Busted: In actuality, many dentists tell of stories where people had multiple cavities but felt no pain. By going in for regular check-ups, concerns can be seen and caught before they get too serious. In other words, take the plunge, be brave and come in to see us for a dental check up!

(We would love to bust those myths you have about scary dentist personalities.)