Sometimes, in life, we are perplexed by an extremely important question…do dentists hand out candy on Halloween?  The answer to this question may surprise you. Surveys say that as many as 76% of dentists openly admit to handing out candy on Halloween. I get it; what dentist wants to spoil the once-a-year fun. Afterall, dentists are human, and most of them have a sweet tooth, just like the rest of us.

In a recent interview done with dentists in regards to their feelings about Halloween, here were some of their candid responses:

“I give out Halloween candy!” Dr. Naini confesses. “I have a sweet tooth myself and don’t want to deny children the Halloween rite of passage. That said, I stay away from sticky candy and rock candy because both of those stay around in the mouth longer than necessary. So I stick to peanut M&M’s, chocolate bars, etc.” -Dr. Alex Naini, Cosmetic Dentist (Aesthetic Dental Spa, Vienna, Va.)

“I still give out regular candy, but stay away from overly sticky or hard candies that are notorious for pulling out fillings and crowns, or fracturing teeth. So no Tootsie Pops, Now Laters, or jaw breakers.” This year, patients will get goodie bags with mini Snickers bars alongside sticks of Trident xylitol gum, and a travel-sized toothbrush. “The truth is, if you like candy… eat candy! (Except the hard stuff.) Just make sure you brush and floss away the bacteria that feed on the sugars and produce cavity-forming acids in your mouth.” -Dr. Joanna Claustro, General Dentist (Claustro Dental, Sterling, Va.)

“My roommate and I buy candy back from the kids and give them a toothbrush, toothpaste, gloss, and a spooky lecture about how if they neglect their teeth, they won’t have their gorgeous smiles for very long.” -Dr. Yonathon Dassa, General Dentist (Gentle Dental of New England, Waltham, Mass.)

In other words, enjoy the treats, in moderation, and keep your toothbrush handy for quick cleaning after sweet consumption!