No One Wants A Toothache

We know. A toothache is annoying. All your daily activities are clouded by constant pain, and what could’ve been a fun lunch out with friends turned into a smoothie to-go, because chewing just isn’t an option.

It’s easy to try and ignore it, but after a while you have to accept that Advil and teeth-brushing aren’t going to make your toothache go away.

A toothache can stem from multiple underlying issues, and it’s important to identify what is causing yours. The problem is, you can guess all day, but often a trip to the dentist is the only way to know what’s wrong for sure.

Common Causes

Some common causes of toothaches are cavities, infections of the gums or roots of your teeth, chipped or broken teeth, damaged fillings, or teeth grinding.


How Serious Is My Toothache?

Common toothache symptoms include:

  • Continuous dull, sharp, or throbbing pain
  • Pain when biting, chewing, or applying pressure
  • Pain when eating cold or sweet foods

More serious toothache symptoms may include:

  • Fever
  • Swelling of the mouth / tooth area
  • Pain when breathing or swallowing

If you’re experiencing any of these toothache symptoms – especially the severe symptoms – please call us IMMEDIATELY at (614) 459-5205.


Do I Really Have To Go To The Dentist If I Have A Toothache?

Left untreated, a toothache can worsen and become a serious medical issue. Think of it like this: If you had a severe cut in your leg and noticed it was infected, would you try to just “wait it out”? You’d probably get into the ER as soon as possible, because you know that an infection will only get worse as time goes on.

You may think that spending the money on a trip to the dentist couldn’t possibly be worth it. However, the longer it goes untreated, the more money you may have to invest in dental care. What started as minor tooth decay turns into a fully infected tooth… and what could’ve started as a simple filling turns into a full-blown root canal.


What If This Isn’t My First Toothache Rodeo?

So you’ve had one before, eh? The first thing to evaluate is what kind of dental care routine you have established.

Do you…

  • Brush your teeth at least 2x / day?
  • Floss your teeth at least 1x / day?
  • Use Super Floss or threaders to get into hard-to-reach areas or permanent retainers at least 1x / day?
  • Go to the dentist at least 2x / year?

If you have a healthy dental care routine and still tend to run into toothaches, you should have a conversation with a dentist to figure out if there are any underlying issues.


But What If I HATE Going To The Dentist?

If you’ve had some not-so-great dentist experiences, we’re here to help! We have some great ways to create a pain-free experience for you, and Dr. Moore can even do some chair-side magic if you need an extra distraction 😉


We get that taking time in your schedule to see the dentist isn’t ideal, but we’re hoping to make it as easy and pain-free as possible for you. Your teeth are part of your overall health, and keeping them in tiptop condition means the rest of your body will function better.

All it takes is a phone call to get the ball rolling. Call us at (614) 459-5205 or schedule an appointment online.