What’s The Difference Between Amalgam & Composite?

To put it plainly, amalgams and composites are just two different types of fillings. Amalgams are known as “silver” fillings, while composites are natural tooth-colored fillings.


Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam “silver” fillings used to be the standard choice for all fillings. Made of silver, tin, copper, and mercury (which is necessary to bind the compound), amalgams are strong and long-lasting, though the least aesthetically pleasing of your filling options.


Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are natural tooth-colored, resin-based fillings that are made of ceramic and plastic materials. This type of filling was created to eliminate any harm from the mercury in amalgam and to provide a much more aesthetic option for dentists. These fillings provide a flawless transition between the composite material and your tooth. Some people even forget which tooth has a filling in it!

Naturally you’d think composite fillings aren’t as sturdy as amalgam fillings due to their lack of metal content. However, in a recent US National Library of Medicine study, the amalgam fillings and composite fillings had similar lifespans.


What We Offer

Some dentists still offer amalgam fillings, but we did our best to eliminate any possible risk that could arise from the mercury content.

We only offer composite fillings and believe they’re a fantastic option for our patients.

Since composite fillings are very aesthetically pleasing, you can’t even tell where the filling is when you smile and laugh, and considering they’re non-metal, you won’t EVER need to worry about potential risks concerning mercury content.


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