Stem cell research is forefront in modern medicine research. But it’s not only used to find cures for cancers and diseases. Scientists are using stem cell research to discover more promising dental improvements for the future of clients and their smiles. Stem cells are amazing in that they can mirror themselves in circumstances where self-renewal and repair is needed. As we speak, cell stimulating medicines are being tested in labs to see if they can be administered to effectively “fake out” teeth into repairing themselves. Wait. Could that mean no more uncomfortable drilling procedures for cavities!?  Absolutely! Instead, these medicines could be used to convince stem cells within your mouth(as well as nerves and blood vessels) into re-growing what’s needed to repair itself! Is your head spinning yet? And that’s really just the start of what’s being discovered as dentistry makes monumental progress in the 21st century. While many of the tried and true methods in dentistry are useful and productive, it is exciting to think that future visits to the dentist could be dramatically different and more effective. It’s important to us that we provide you with the best, most accurate treatments for your specific needs as we continue to grow and implement the use of modern dental methods.