Jimmy Fallon recently asked people to write in with their weirdest dentist stories. Fortunately, for most patients, the weirdest experience is the attempt at conversation in the chair. You know…the one where you try to answer detailed questions while having your mouth in the most awkward, wide open position.

            Dentist: “So how are you enjoying your new job?”

            Patient: “Aoinfsdklweruo asoidfaso.”

            Dentist: “That sounds great.”

Here are a few other dentist laughs:

“My dentist was in the middle of telling me about the importance of flossing when his dentures fell out and hit me in the head.”

“When I was 5, the dentist asked me what I wanted to watch on the tv.  I asked for an episode of Barney. I’ve been watching that same episode for 9 years.”

“After every visit, my dentist reminds me to keep my friends close and my ‘enamels’ closer.”

“My dentist asks if he can make my appointment for 2:30 and then chuckles every time.”

“I had my wisdom teeth taken out and was reminded not to eat solid foods. On my way out, my dentist handed me a pizza coupon.”

Well, lucky for you, we CAN guarantee a friendly, caring dentist to take the best care of you…but without the weird part. Come experience optimal dental healthcare with a one of a kind dentist.