In the midst of a global pandemic and the hustle of the holidays, I’m guessing that most of us aren’t spending much time thinking about our teeth!  But, as the end of the year approaches, this is actually the best time to capitalize on your benefits and schedule an appointment with the dentist.  If you are part of a dental insurance plan, there’s a good chance your benefits won’t roll over into the new year.  If you can schedule a last-minute vasectomy or carpel tunnel surgery in December, surely you can squeak in a 45 minute check-up, right?  Use those benefits while you can.  As most plans go, rates and deductibles tend to rise each year.  So when January rolls around, you may see an increase in premiums. This would also be a good time to double check and see if your dental insurance plan includes an annual maximum.  That way, you can plan ahead for upcoming procedures and space out appointments accordingly.  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed—but indulging on Christmas cookies and gooey treats can cause all sorts of havoc on teeth. Save yourself the hassle of physical discomfort and having to jet from a family party early, by getting in for a check-up now.

Set a reminder in your calendar to give us a call this week, so we can maximize savings and get you “smile ready” for the holidays with your family and friends.