Your mom always said it, and you always ignored it: “Did you floss?”

What you heard was: “Are you sliding a weirdly smooth and tiny piece of string between your teeth while it cuts off the circulation in your fingers?”

What you didn’t hear was: “Are you eliminating the risk of major oral and overall health problems when you get older?”

You probably wouldn’t have cared either way, but isn’t the second question interesting? When you breathe, eat, laugh, smile, chew gum, and sing, you open up your body to the outside world. And it’s up to your mouth to be your front line of defense.

Think of flossing as a weapon protecting your overall health. Here’s what happens when you don’t floss:

  • Bacteria builds up and creates plaque.
  • Plaque, if left untouched, builds up and turns into tartar that can’t be removed at all.
  • Tartar causes tooth decay.
  • Tooth Decay causes cavities. Which causes yet another trip to the dentist.
  • Cavities, when left untreated, can cause infections.
  • Infections can cause tooth abscesses, eventual tooth loss, and other health risks.

Flossing is arguably the most important routine for maintaining a healthy mouth, but it’s also incredibly important for the health of your body in general. “Taking care of your teeth and gums isn’t just about preventing cavities or bad breath,” says the American Dental Association. “The mouth is a gateway into your body’s overall health.” Scientists are studying now more than ever the connection between your mouth and the rest of your body.

Not taking care of your teeth could put you at risk for one of these eight health issues in the future:

  1. Gum Disease
  2. Tooth Loss
  3. Bad Breath
  4. Pneumonia
  5. Brain Abscess
  6. Diabetes
  7. Kidney Disease
  8. Heart Disease

Sounds crazy, right? Or does it? If you believe your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body, you have to think that what happens in your mouth can affect the rest of your overall health.

Even if you’re the skeptic and believe your mouth issues stay in your mouth, flossing is still a crucial part of your oral hygiene routine.

If you’re a regular “flosser,” way to go!

If you hate flossing, we encourage you to jump on board. Once it becomes part of your regular routine like brushing your teeth, it becomes less and less annoying.

Whether you floss or not, a regular trip to the dentist is crucial for removing any tartar buildup that you can’t get to. It’s never too late to come in for an appointment. Give us a call to get something on your calendar, or contact us online below. We look forward to meeting you!