You’re sitting down to watch a movie with your family when… CRUNCH. You bite down on a kernel of popcorn. The only words that pop into your brain that instant are “uh-oh”. It’s probably nothing, right? Wrong. You go to the bathroom and check to find your Jurassic Park movie night has just been interrupted by a chipped tooth. The worst part? It’s close to the front of your mouth, which means smiling just isn’t an option tomorrow. Or laughing. The only upside is you can almost suck through a straw without opening your mouth.

Guess what? You are one of thousands of people who chip their teeth each year. It happens more than you think.

Here are some of the top foods that land people in the dentist’s office:

  • Olive pits
  • Hard breads, pretzels, and biscotti
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Hard candy
  • Ice
  • Nuts

You probably never thought a popcorn movie night could chip away at your true-grit teeth, but nevertheless, you’ve found yourself with a problem.

Maybe it wasn’t popcorn. Maybe you ran into another issue that ended with a chip or crack in your tooth, like:

  • Getting hit in the mouth (let’s hope not!)
  • Falling and hitting the ground
  • Consistently eating sugary foods or drinking soda
  • Having old fillings that don’t support your tooth

Whatever happened, you may be wondering what the dentist will recommend for that chip in your tooth. We’ve got some options below that might help you sort out what is best for your situation.

What You Can Do About Your Chipped Tooth

Dental Cap or Same-Day Crown. You may have a pretty substantial chip, in which case we may have to file it down and place a dental cap or crown on top of it. Great news for us is we do same-day CEREC crowns. No more waiting two weeks with a temporary. We can get you in-and-out in one day.

Dental Filling. Sometimes it’s just a dinky chip, which, while still annoying, is a much easier fix. We can use a little bit of composite resin (the same material we use for tooth-colored fillings) and extend your tooth back to its original glory.

Veneers. If one of your front teeth is chipped, a good option could be getting a veneer. It essentially covers your tooth, like wallpaper covers a wall, and gives you your healthy looking smile back.

No matter the option you choose, we can help you get it done FAST at our centrally-located Columbus office. Our staff will have you zip in and out faster than the Road Runner, back to smiling and laughing (but sadly no longer sipping through a straw without opening your mouth).

Just give us a call at (614) 459-5205 or contact us below!