Have you ever wondered why most early pictures of presidents show a serious, tight-lipped smile?

Could it possibly be because they didn’t want to reveal their terrible teeth and dental habits to the masses?  Would you believe that George Washington had such terrible oral issues, that he had only one of his original teeth left by his presidential inauguration. The rest of his mouth, filled with false teeth, often made embarrassing clicking noises when he would give speeches of any type.  This led to him feeling super self-conscious and dread filled when it came to addressing the public.  Though it doesn’t appear that George wore wooden denture(like so many have heard), but historians say he did sport dentures made of hippo ivory, bone, wire, screws, lead and even teeth that formerly inhabited someone else’s mouth.

Are you quick to paste on a tight-lipped smile when you hear someone with a camera yell, “CHEESE?”  Perhaps you are as self-conscious about your imperfect smile as the man who first ran our country over 200 years ago.  Luckily for you, you don’t have to settle for borrowing teeth from another person’s mouth.  We would love to help you attain the smile you dream of seeing in pictures for many years to come.  Put it on your schedule to make an appointment for a consultation(once the quarantine is lifted, or course).  We would love to be a part of your journey to a beautiful smile and a more confident YOU.