Unlike humans, animals cannot brush their teeth with a toothbrush, nor maneuver flossing between their teeth.  So how do they have such amazing teeth?

For starters, animals in the wild don’t have exposure to processed foods and refined sugars like humans. The food we eat sticks to our teeth and can cause damage if not brushed away regularly.  Animal teeth, on the other hand, only have to handle raw meats and plants. Let’s not forget that Coke and Pepsi aren’t on their lunch menu either; water is their only source of hydration. Plain and simple, animals are well protected from tooth decay thanks to a clean diet.

Here are some other interesting facts when it comes to human teeth versus animal teeth:

  • Humans only get 2 sets of teeth in their lifetimes, dolphins only get one and animals (such as sharks) grow multiple sets throughout their lives.
  • Humans have at most 32 teeth, but a horse can have up to 44, a dolphin can have up to 250, and a snail can have more than 25,000!
  • Humans and animals use their teeth for breaking down food, but animals also need their teeth for activities such as hunting, attacking and defending themselves.

Who knew animals had envious oral health?  To keep your teeth and smile up to par with the lions and tigers of the world, take your oral health seriously, make regular exams a priority, and come check out our jungle…err office.